Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I got three phone calls from this number yesterday. A collection service looking for someone. I told them, politely, the first call, that I knew no such person, and to please remove my number from their calling list. The caller said it would be taken care of. Later that afternoon, call #2. Once again, I told them they had the wrong number, and that my number was supposed to have been removed from the calling database. Caller said that it was marked as a wrong number, but that once it was in the system it would take 24 hours to stop calls. Third call, 7:30 that night. Again, the robo caller followed by live person who agreed that yes, my number had been marked as the wrong number. I asked if they were going to pay for my minutes and aggravation in having to stop what I was doing to check the phone to see who was calling, even if it was a wrong number. At that point, the caller got all huffy and righteous and told me she was ending the call. After which, I went to my Verizon account and blocked their number, so I don't know if they kept calling or not.
Don't get me wrong, I think that debt collection agencies can fulfill a useful function. But those blasted auto-dialing systems should be made illegal. And one warning that the number they're calling is the wrong number should be all it takes to get them to stop.

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