Monday, May 31, 2010

more stupidity

I had a call several weeks back, from someone who was very angry with the stupid government. They were trying to 'screw him out of' his first time home buyer tax credit. Just because he had claimed a  tax credit for the interest he was paying on his boat purchase, the government wanted him to prove that he had not previously purchased a home, so he needed a copy of his boat purchase sales agreement. Apparently a boat is only a house sometimes (the government does allow a person to claim a boat as a 2nd home if the boat has a bed, shower and cooking facilities, and allows them to deduct the interest paid on this '2nd home' purchase). I didn't ask the caller if he was going to refile his taxes, removing his deduction for mortgage interest, since he was now trying to claim that the house wasn't really a house. And I didn't ask if he was a Republican by nature. But this sure seems like more right-wing word play.

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