Thursday, May 13, 2010

Too old for this world

My response to this post on Brilliant at Breakfast
A very good post on something I've been thinking quite a bit about. I'm 60. Have worked the past 24 years in the boat business: not actually selling boats, but doing all the behind the scenes paperwork to support those sales. I didn't wake up one morning and decide to do this. I took an available job, worked my way up from title clerk to office manager, and worked hard to know everything I could about everything that needed to be done in a small office, where the office manager is sometimes the only one in the office (during slow season or slack times) and has to be the HR person, office machine support, resident Word & Excel expert, and finder of lost things. The title I came up with for myself is Chief Nag & Master of Preventative Worrying. The boat business has taken quite a hit the last few years; my first thought most mornings is "Is this the day the bosses will decide to pull the plug, to stop losing money, and put the place up for sale as another condo development (because the rich can still afford their second and third homes, don't ya know), and I have to go out and try to find another job at my age?" I know I can work rings around most young people (though it is getting a little harder to keep up the pace). And when I put my mind to it, I can learn to do anything that needs to be done, if I don't already know it. But I'm old, gray, plain on a good day, ugly on a bad one, and have a 'prickly' personality. At least the car and house are paid for. If I have to sell the house (to one of those rich SOB tourists) I can live in my car for awhile.

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