Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another ' why do they do it'.

I was talking to my neighbor last night. He was in an accident a while back. Someone crashed into him, totaled his car, sent him to the hospital: and didn't have insurance. He didn't have uninsured motorist's coverage (a subject for another post: why should you have to have coverage against someone else's failure to follow the law?). Does have medical coverage, but his deductible and co-pays have to come out of his pocket. No reimbursement for his lost work hours, no money for a replacement vehicle. And to add insult to injury, the person who hit him filed bankruptcy so he has no hope of getting any cash from her. She somehow found enough money to pay for a lawyer to do the filing, and cash enough for re-instatement fees, so she now has her license back and is free to go back out on the roads and ruin someone else's life. The BMV said their hands are tied. As long as she pays the fee and shows current proof of insurance, she gets her license. She's supposed to maintain insurance coverage for at least 5 years. Not sure how that's going to be enforced.
I wonder how she justifies this to herself? And I also wonder how the lawyer who filed the bankruptcy papers for her justifies his actions? He's making it possible for her to escape the consequences of her own actions.  It may be legal: but is it moral?

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