Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The peony bush exploded

I was trying to get the side yard grass cut last night. Rain is predicted for the next few days, and the grass was already too tall. C--- and S--- came over to help. They were quickly distracted by the peony bush. It was at the end of it's bloom and the petals were starting to drop. C-- asked why I was pulling the petals off. When I shook one of the blossoms to show him that the petals were falling off by themselves, he asked if he could shake some too. Soon he and his sister were grabbing handfuls of petals and throwing them in the air. They had the ground covered with the petals: then they started rolling in them shouting with glee. I agreed with them that the yard looked absolutely beautiful.
The poor bush is now stripped bare.
When we finished with the peony, we watered the vegetable garden. First we had to name all the plants, then watered them. They're not too sure what beets are. Especially since the leafy red/green tops don't look anything at all like a beet.  I'll let them pull one when they're ready.

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