Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we have here is a failure to communicate

My bosses have raised the art of non-communication to a very high degree.
If I give them written questions, they sit on their desks and gradually get buried under layers of mail, notes, sales orders, magazines, etc.
If I send an email, no response. Or maybe a response 2 weeks or 2 monthes later.
If I dare to actually ask a question, it's always the wrong time. They are just too busy to deal with anything other than their own agenda right now.
Of course, their own agenda in many cases consists of things that have absolutely nothing to do with this business we're supposed to be running here.
I just keep hoping that this business isn't run into the ground until the end of the year. By then, I'll have the home repairs and new frig paid for. I can then survive on less. If nothing else, I'll sit home on unemployment and knit from stash for a year.

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