Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Driving home after picking up my car from the shop

and feeling pretty chipper, because the repair bill was less than I'd expected it to be, and my air conditioner was working again. Then I came to the intersection of 269 & 163. Traffic leaving East Harbor park must have been really heavy, because the light had been reset. We sat there at least 2 minutes, possibly 3, waiting for the north bound light to turn green. Which normally wouldn't be too bad, because the north bound road is divided at the light into a right turn and left turn lane. Unfortunately, the driver at the head of the right turn lane refused to turn. There was barely any traffic heading east on 163. He could have made his turn safely a dozen times over, but no, he just sat there until the light turned green. Once having turned, he drove so slowly that I ended up ahead of him before the road narrowed down from 4 lane to 2 lane again.
A few minutes later, it was time to put on my left turn signal, and watch for a break in traffic so I could get down my lane. And then Mr "Don't turn on right after stopping" decided it was OK to pass me on the right, going onto the berm, spitting gravel and dust in his path. Leaving me  wondering which rule book he was operating from.

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