Monday, May 16, 2011

Doesn't this just make you so happy?

Record profits for health insurers.  As they manage to price policies above costs, and more people delay getting medical treatment because they just can't afford the deductibles: or can't afford to take time off from work to get to the doctor, insurance companies are in their third year of record profits. I know that our HSA plan at work has made me think very carefully before going to the doctor. Which is what it was supposed to do, right? Make me hesitate to go to the doctor every time I felt a little bit 'off'. But what if that little symptom could have been treated and thus prevented the really bad thing happening later? What if the broken bone I tried to treat at home with rest and warm compresses has to be later broken and reset [really happened to a co-workers son..she couldn't afford to take him to the doctor when he first complained his wrist was hurting. When the pain grew too much for him to bear, then she had to take him].
I don't know what the answer is. I don't think we can afford to pay for everyone to have every treatment available for ever. But it does seem as if some level of basic care could and should be there for everyone.

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