Saturday, May 21, 2011

The hypocrisy of our elected officials

From People for the American Way, via First Door on the Left,
comes a list of GOP senators moaning and gnashing their teeth as they complain about Democratic filibustering on judicial nominees while Bush was in power. Now that the time has come to approve Obama's judicial nominees, they have no problem voting against cloture [for a filibuster].
If our elected officials would devote as much time to actually working for the people, instead of pandering to their extreme bases and to the well-heeled interests that fund their campaign coffers, just imagine what good they could do. And I'm talking about both parties here. Republican or Democrat, seems to make no difference once they're elected. It is especially frustrating coming from the Republicans though, after having to hear so much from them about the 'sacredness' of the Constitution, and how terrible it is for judges to try and re-write it with their judicial rulings.
I have noticed though, that quite often what people complain about most vigorously is the very thing that they are most guilty of. Guilty conscience? Or just trying to deflect criticism?

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