Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stupid callers

Caller: I'd like to rent the Bayliner for Saturday, is it available.
Me: we have one available.
Caller: I need to check with my party first: can I give you my phone number, and if someone else calls wanting to rent that boat, will you call me first?
Me:????? No, if you want us to hold it for you, you need to put a deposit on it.

other stupid caller: [wanting to rent a boat as a surprise for his wife's birthday]
[when it comes time to put the deposit down ]
Caller:Do you have to run the same card to pay for the boat as what I give you now?
Me: You can use a different card on the day of the rental, that's fine with us.
Caller: I want to give you a card number today to hold the boat, but not use that card...
Me: I have to run a deposit to hold the boat, sir.
Caller: But I want to give you my debit card info just to hold it, but I need to get my wife's credit from her purse to use to actually pay for the rental.
Me: sorry sir, but I do need to be able to run whatever card number you give me today, to hold the boat.
caller: I'll have to call you back.
[after he takes the card from his wife, I presume. nice present. Here honey, you paid for a boat ride today]

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