Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday was a very mixed up day

I had to work half-day, which always sucks, especially when the weather's cool enough that I could be getting lots of yard work done.
Then, after work, I headed out to Catawba Island. On a 'yarn' errand.
I really should have known better. I've lived here long enough to know that traffic on CI, on a summer weekend, is always a nightmare. But I was going the opposite way [the tourists would be all heading home], and the lure of Brown Sheep yarn was too strong to resist. One of the co-owners of what was my LYS, known simply as 'A Yarn Shop', had called. When the yarn store closed in 2009, she had taken home bags of yarn left over after their close out sale. She was clearing out closets, had decided that she wasn't ever going to knit up all the yarn she had, and would I want some. She wasn't sure what all she had, but did know that she had two trash bags full of Brown Sheep.
If you're not a knitter you might not understand this. Each knitter tends to develop a certain knit style, and acquires definite yarn tastes. I am a natural yarn person. Wool, mohair, silk, alpaca: I love 'em. Acrylics: bought them years ago when I was just starting to knit, but just don't think they're worth the bother to knit up anymore. And my very favorite yarn to work with is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. It's a single spun yarn, so it does have a tendancy to skew the stitch: but I love the look of it. It's a blend of wool and mohair. The mohair gives it a lovely sheen and a soft yarn halo. It felts up beautifully, comes in a wide range of colors, and is made in the U.S.A.
Anyways, back to my trip to Catawba. On Sunday. Afternoon. I got as far as just over the causeway, put my turn signal on, came to a stop waiting for traffic to clear so I could turn left onto NW Catawba Rd. And the person coming up the road behind me failed to stop. Now, it's not like I stopped too soon, didn't give him a chance to brake. I had been stopped, waiting for traffic. There was time enough for 2-3 cars to go past in the opposite direction before he plowed into my car. He just wasn't paying attention. He did offer me a sandwich from his fast food bag, as we were exchanging insurance numbers. Perhaps he was distracted by a french fry.
Could have been worse: no physical damage to me, my car lost it's bumper [Anything Auto was able to rehang it], and it bent the muffler pipe, so I got a new muffler, paid for by his insurance company.
After the accident and the after the policeman showed up, took the report, he helped me load my rear bumper into the hatchback compartment [if you've never tried, it's absolutely amazing how much stuff you can cram into a Honda Civic hatchback.], I drove on to Connies, and came home with a dinged up car and a car full of yarn. So the day wasn't a complete loss.

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