Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tea Party: we want freedom...for us....but not for you

That seems to be their mantra. Witness their approach to a small gathering of members at a public park.  Their idea of 'freedom' is: we're free to say whatever we want, and to call you names, and then laugh at you when you decide to take your meeting to a more private venue. And of course, they can't really decide just what it is that they're accusing the move on people of. Are the communists? facists? socialists? anarchists? Doesn't really matter to the tea parties: anyone who doesn't fall lock-step with their ideology [even if they have trouble expressing exactly what that philosophy is, other than a few stock phrases] is the enemy, and has no right to be or call themselves an American. Don't tread on me is one of their favorite phrases, but they have no problem with treading on the rights of anyone who disagrees with them. These people are very, very frightening. They believe in their cause, they believe in what they're told by the talking heads, and no amount of logic or reason will sway them from their cause.
Sutherlin conservative Karen Meier said she posed as a member and infiltrated the
group's meeting prior to the confrontation. She said she found many of the liberals to be
“Obviously, they don't really know what MoveOn is and who it entails,” Meier said.
When facts contradict the tea party story, then the facts must be adjusted to fit the story. If MoveOn members are actually pleasant people, then it's only because they don't really know what MoveOn is.
I've long had the theory that the 'sins' that most people complain about the loudest and longest, are the sins they themselves are most guilty of. And this entire show by the tea party just gives evidence to my theory.

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