Saturday, July 09, 2011

why do I put up with this crap??? [again]

It was over 3 years ago when JD was let go. May 31, 2008 to be exact.  So for over three years, I've been filling two positions here, with no increase in pay. SC was cut down to 6 months last year, and not called back at all this year. So add another position filled by me: unpaid; for 6 months last year and now permanently. Tech workers [male] are replaced, office workers [female] are not.
Now it's Saturday morning, JC just went to take renters to take out the Trophy, will be gone for an hour, and JRC decides it's time to take lunch. I asked him if he knew that JC was gone, he didn't, but it made no difference. He's still going out for lunch 'but he'll hurry'.

So, bank errands bad, going to lunch when there's no one to cover the floor, OK.

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