Saturday, July 02, 2011

why do I put up with this crap???

oh, yeah, right, it's because I need a job, and if I walked away from this one, in this economy, and at my age, it would be really tough to find another. But sometimes it's just not worth putting up with the boss's little hissy fits, is it. He went all 'don't do that again' on me. Because I had a tiny window of opportunity [first one in 3 days] and ran a bank deposit in [a huge 20 minute errand]. And after I left, the phones rang, and some customers came in. Which happens to me quite often when he or J leave for lunch, or to run out to look at a trade in, or go down to the docks for something or other. And I just have to deal with it. If you're the boss,  you deal with it by telling someone else they're never to leave you in that position again. Since I'm already working 6 days, coming in at 8, working till 5, with a break sometime in the afternoon for just long enough to gulp down my food (all the while still answering the phones and dealing with walk in customers), that doesn't leave me much free time to do the banking or title runs.

PS: and now J is still not back from lunch: been gone 45", on the day that the boss is off, so it's just me here, trying to get my posting done for month's end, while answering the phones, taking rental reservations, taking messages for J & JC. Maybe I should start actually taking a lunch break; actually leaving the building for an hour, instead of eating at my desk so I can answer the phones. SS is upset too: in between cleaning display boats, and cleaning the rental boats,  JC suggested that if she had time, she could pull weeds from the front of the building landscaping.

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