Sunday, July 24, 2011

World News Daily_ or _ life in an alternate reality

The WND site posted a poll on their site, asking for reader input after what they called an Islamist attack on Norway.
Do you think more Islamic terrorism of the kind that hit Norway today will visit U.S.?
The response was interesting:
Do you think more Islamic terrorism of the kind that hit Norway today will visit U.S.? (1131 votes)

Yes, this is a monster that must be destroyed not appeased or fed39% (446)
Yes, the U.S. must be eternally vigilant against its No. 1 foreign enemy25% (284)
Yes, this is a foretaste of what is coming and the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 is near12% (135)
Yes, this war has raged in the heart of Islam for 1,300 years. It's not over11% (120)
No, I don't believe this was an Islamic attack. It was a false flag operation7% (74)
Other3% (39)
Yes, the U.S. is the Great Satan. We need to be ready2% (20)
No, they will not hit America as long as Obama is in power because he is perceived as conciliatory1% (8)
No, this is an aberration and not reflective of true Islam0% (3)
No, Obama put the fear of God in them by assassinating Bin Laden0% (1)
No, terrorists are afraid of attacking the U.S. because of Obama's superior Homeland Security approach0% (1)
A reasonable person might expect them to remove, or at least rephrase the poll, after information about the suspect was released. But then, we're not dealing with reasonable people here, are we. Their response was to post this article:
Norway Shoooter: right- wing or fairy tale?

And to post comments such as this:
RE: Islamic terrorism??
Posted by Japonica on Jul 24, 2011 00:06

CBS1234, you need to do some more research. There has already been a Jihadist group CLAIMING RESPONSIBILITY for that massacre in Norway. After all the terror Islamists have committed around the world, it's unbelievable that anyone in America would actually defend those murderers. According to your erroneous post, YOU are the one who needs to read the news - at WND - not in a newspaper. Most newspapers, like the alphabet TV networks, are spreading the same liberal garbage. No poll is created at this website before the TRUTH has been proven. You can count on that, for sure. In fact WND is one of the very few places where the facts can be found; so whatever liar at told you to post your rumor here, he/she couldn't be more wrong.
Apparently, the CBS in your handle stands for the ultra-liberal Columbia Broadcasting System.

I really, really , really love the line about no poll being created before the truth has been proven.

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