Saturday, December 31, 2011

Case Histories and beyond

Have you read the Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson?
I've just finished book 4 of the series, and have book 3 waiting [as soon as I finish the last in the Inspector Barnaby series]. Shouldn't have read them out of order, but sometimes the library takes a while to fill requests.
If you haven't read them, please give them a try.
Atkinson writes an English sort of mystery: not so much emphasis on the blood and gore of murder and mayhem as on the charecters involved in the story, how the murder affects them, how they interact, and how different people see different parts of the story. You do have to pay attention: she'll take one character through an arc of the story, then shift gears and approach the same end from a different characters perspective, sometimes shifting the entire story so that what you thought was the end of a scene is just the middle or beginning of what's really going on.
And she has a wonderful way of painting pictures with words.

If you have read them, did you find them as rewarding as I did?

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