Thursday, December 29, 2011

North Korea, literally in the dark.

Found this image on a Discover mag blog:
MSNBC photo blog

North Korea, at night, is as dark as the empty sea on it's border. Quite a contrast to the bright lights of South Korea and Japan.
From the Japan Times, an interesting article on the change in fortunes of Koreans, North vs South.
Japan Times: The dark legacy of North Korea
I found this paragraph especially interesting:
That, Acemoglu argues, is why even well-run nations should fear excessive inequality: If too much power and money flow to the few, they will become invested in keeping power and sustaining their lifestyle. Neither incentive is truly compatible with long-run economic growth.

Seems to be exactly what the 99% are arguing. Not that the lights would ever go out in the USA, would they?

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