Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bernie Sanders: can we elect him President for Life?

He's got some nice infographics on his web site.
I like this one:

Though I do think some well thought out changes need to be made to Social Security and Medicare. Not those suggested so far from the special committee or the Republican voices.
We need to make some adjustments to these systems to reflect the increasing life span and the increasing costs of medical care in later years. And decide just how much health care people are entitled to. I'm uncomfortable with the notion that everyone has a right to every bit of medical care they want or need. Because no one seems to be able to say how we're going to, as a nation, pay for that care.  If I sign up for Medicare at 65, retire at 67: does the country owe me a new hip or two, new knees, cataract surgery; the list is endless and the costs horrendous. Or should everyone be guaranteed a certain basic level of care: with preventive measures stressed and promoted.

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