Sunday, January 15, 2012

The War Against Women

As waged against baby girls
It's a long article, with graphs and charts. And very depressing to read. If someone wrote this as fiction, people would say, no, that's not believable. This is just some feminist rant against imagined slights. But it's true.
And the western countries aid and abet in the war against women. How? By adopting all those cute little Chinese baby girls. Think about how common it is. I know two families that adopted from overseas. Both children from China. Both children female. It's never little baby boys, is it. The girls that aren't being aborted before birth are being shipped out of country after birth.
There's a lot of talk about raising an adopted child to 'know their culture'. How eager should we be to teach these little girls about the culture that thinks of them as disposable?

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