Sunday, February 19, 2012

another wonderful talk from TED

marcin_jakubowski on open source hardware
what a wonderful idea: taking the making of tools back from corporations that have decided not to build long-lasting tools, but to build things that need constant repair, maintenance, or [best of all] replacement.
I love his tractor: it looks like something my brother would have made with his erector set.

Declaring that, "We can lead self-sustaining lives without sacrificing our standard of living," Marcin Jakubowski believes that only by opening the means of production can we achieve abundance for all. Though he has a Ph.D. in fusion physics, he became dissatisfied with its remoteness, and turned back to the earth as a farmer and social innovator.

He is the founder of Open Source Ecology, which is creating the Global Village Construction Set — the blueprints for simple fabrication of everything needed to start a self-sustaining village. At Factor e Farm in rural Missouri, he's been successfully putting those ideas to the test.
"It's not reinventing the wheel; it's open-sourcing the wheel."
Julia Valentine, farmer, in The Atlantic

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