Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Republicans Worship An Evil God | Southern Beale

Republicans Worship An Evil God | Southern Beale

The headline sort of says it all, don't it.

.......This morning on Face The Nation, Rick Santorum officially came out against amniocentesis, saying its only purpose is to convince women to abort. So really, this is where we are: your modern pro-life position is to be against contraception which prevents unwanted pregnancy, against amniocentesis, against using tax money to feed hungry children because that limits “freedom,” and against paying teachers a decent salary.

This is how warped and twisted the pro-life position has become. And it was entirely predictable. I’ve said it before, but conservative politics has been on a collision course with its religion for years, a trajectory that really accelerated during the free-wheeling Bush years. Now the two have collided in some really obvious ways, and religious conservatives are forced to admit that either their politics is wrong or their religion is. No shocker which one they’ve picked.

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