Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fishermen’s rally calls for Magnuson-Stevens reform

Fishermen’s rally calls for Magnuson-Stevens reform

The web site must be having problems: that, or it didn't like my comment. Tried posting it twice, so I'll just post it here:

I have to agree with vissionquest. The history of the fishing industry so far has been; catch as much as you can, and if stocks of one type of fish diminish so that you can't fill your hold, then find another type of fish, and repeat. This is also an industry that has had to be forced to give up or amend fishing practices that result in horrendous waste, as they pull in everything in the sea, then throw back whatever's in the nets that they're not looking for; or use drag nets that strip a vibrant sea bed so that it looks like an underwater desert. It's the 'Tragedy of the Commons', ocean version.
These people need to face the dire truth: the human population and their hunger for sea food have grown beyond the capacity of nature to sustain sea food populations.

I love this comment from Jim Donofrio, executive director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance, one of the rally organizers:
“If Congress didn’t hear us after two rallies, then we might as well just forget the whole thing. I think the next move will be, if nothing gets fixed, we’ll do our own tea party — and I’m not talking about the Tea Party, the political group. I’m talking about a real tea party, where we just don’t obey laws that are arbitrary in nature and not criminal. They’re administrative laws that don’t allow us to fish on healthy fish,” 

Or: if we don't get our way, then we'll just ignore the laws. And these are the people we should trust to manage the fish population without oversight?

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