Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More on the background of Trayvon Martin killing

The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained | Mother Jones

My son is a big man. 6'8" in his size 17 shoes. Legs like tree trunks. People look at him differently because of his size. He's told me of walking through parking lots and seeing women lock their car doors as he approaches.
Many years ago, when he was still living at home, but was already full grown, we were going to the movies and he wanted to stop at the mall for a game disc. I told him to 'run like the wind' because we were running close to show time. He took forever to get back to the car. Came back embarrassed and angry. A mall guard had stopped him as he was [not running but] walking briskly out of the store. Fortunately, he did have his receipt with him so the guard had no good reason to detain him. I often wonder: if he was black instead of white: and the size he is: would his life have been in danger? Especially in Florida with their 'shoot in defense' laws. No mother should have to worry about her son, in the mall, on the sidewalk, in the park. No mother should lose her son because someone with a gun thought he was a threat, followed her son, got out of his car and confronted her son: and then claimed self defense. He got out of his car. He got out of his car, after the police told him that was not necessary. He got out of his car and confronted this boy. And then claimed self-defense. If the Florida law in allows this, it is a bad law. It is a terrible law. And it needs to be repealed. Not amended. Repealed. 

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