Friday, March 23, 2012

Sign these Urgent Petitions |

Sign these Urgent Petitions |

Yea, I know it's knit-picking, but gorram it, a petition for bettering the lot of teachers should have been proofread.

Good Teachers Deserve Decent Pay
America's most qualified teachers are grossly underpaid. That's not fair, and it's not good for our kids. Join the fight to make sure god teachers get fair pay. Read More…

Unless they're only talking about teachers of religious history? Or actual gods who are working as teachers?
And I'm not so sure about the whole 'teachers being underpaid' thing. I've seen how the teachers live in my township. In the big houses. The fancy houses. With the new cars. And vacations. The live a lot better than I do. So, until all wages are open for inspection and review, and we curb the excesses of the 1%, I'm willing to leave teachers salaries be as is.

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