Thursday, April 05, 2012

India Shaken by Plight of 13-Year-Old Maid -

India Shaken by Plight of 13-Year-Old Maid -

The girl’s screams were brittle and desperate. Neighbors in the suburban housing complex looked up and saw a child crying for help from an upstairs balcony. She was 13 and worked as a maid for a couple who had gone on vacation to Thailand. They had left her locked inside their apartment.

This commenter seems to be trying very hard to defend an abysmal situation:

Csetzer Indiana, usa
Things said are mostly true, but leave a very one-sided view. Firstly, having servants and lots of "assistant" jobs available is the very effective and mostly humane way for those who have money to help those with less. In a coutnry with so many people, it would be a huge disaster to do away with these types of work opportunity. Secondly is a thing that westerners cannot understand, and that is that MANY of the servant group are extremely happy and proud to be provided housing in a high class area rather than "cash." The housing almost always comes with food and other benefits not available otherwise and usually comes with housing for a ralative and often some free time to work for salary elsewhere. Often this arrangement is FAR FAR better than other opportunities available. PERHAPS most unfair in this discussion is how the so called servants have begun over the last few years (10's of years) to treat their employers. Today, in large cities of India it is extremely difficult to find an even partially honest home worker that will not steal from you, use all of your personal items, rudely interrupt personal converstaions, eat excessively of your food, take your clothes and other valuables, help friends to rob your home, and sometimes even carry on prostitution when you are out of the house. Servants in India used to be extremely honorable and dependable and were mostly treated extemely well. Today they are much less, so it is not a surprise that some are treated as less. .

Sounds a little like what the plantation owners used to say about their slaves, doesn't it?
'Oh no, they're happy to be part of the family, to be our trusted workers, to be treated so well. They don't need money, and they wouldn't know what to do with it if they had any, they're such simple folk, really'.

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