Sunday, June 10, 2012

I just cannot do this anymore

I really really really need to get serious about finding a different job. Came in this morning [Sunday] to find a 'closing' written on the board for Tuesday. The company that does our bank closing paperwork is closed on Sundays. I'm off on Monday [my only day off during the lovely summer 'rental' season]. When I asked the boss if he'd told P1 of  the closing, he got all shitty with me. told me I needed to do that. But they're not open on Sundays I replied. More shitty attitude from him. Will you please follow up with them on Monday to make sure they have everything they need, so the papers will be ready, so if I come in even earlier than usual on Tuesday I can print them out from the web site and get ready for your customer? More shitty attitude. And then he left the building.
So instead of enjoying my one day off [day off: the day when I try to get caught up with all the stuff that didn't get done at home because I came home from work absolutely wrung out, just enough energy to water the garden, eat dinner, do the dishes] I'll be worrying about this deal and if the papers are going to get done.

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