Sunday, August 12, 2012

Neighbors and things

My yard is not a picture perfect lawn. It is not a monoculture, single species sward of green. It is not sprayed with weed killer, it is not fed [except for those rare times when I remember in mid fall to give it a dose of organic feed], it is only watered where it happens to be close to perennials or the vegetable beds. I look for and enjoy the diversity. I don't know all the plants that grow there, but I do know quite a few. There's prunella vulgaris, purslane, chickweed, henbit, german ivy, wild strawberry, clover, chicory, and queen anne's lace. I did have a clump of a small daisy growing at the south edge of the yard. Did have. Until my neighbor, in his helpful fashion, while cutting his grass, decided to stray over the edge and cut a swath of my yard too. No more daisy. Did I mention that I use an old-fashioned reel lawn mower? The neighbor has a gas powered thing, makes a mighty roar as he follows it across the lawn.
I don't know how he could have not seen the daisy. It was about a foot and a half high, covered in small white blooms. Very pretty. He must have decided that no sensible person would want a 'weed' growing in the middle of their yard.
While I was looking for any remnant of the plant, thinking I might be able to dig it up and plant it somewhere safer, I discovered something he had left behind. Or rather, his little shit-machine had left it behind. A nice little pile of dog crap. I got a trowel from the garage and flicked it over onto his nice neat yard.
I know that I'm using circumstantial data to convict his dog of the foul deed. All the other dogs in the neighborhood are much larger ones. This was a small dainty pile of shit. And his dog was running loose yesterday afternoon; they were trying to lure it back as it ran through my yard and towards the next street.
I'm trying to reconcile this [what seems to me to be a] dichotomy. The urge to keep everything neat and tidy, to mow down the rampant growth, to kill the weeds, to control nature. Vs letting your dog run where it will, and leave scat where it will. Perhaps it's not really that much of an opposite. It's the urge to leave make your mark, to stake out your territory.
Either way, it's annoying.

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