Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Republicans: the only 'unbiased' reviewers are the ones that agree with them!

“Romney Hood” And “Trickle-Down, Tax Cut Fairy Dust” « The Erstwhile Conservative: A Blog of Repentance

"And though Romney Hood now says the Tax Policy Center is one of them there “liberal” groups, when he was battling Rick Perry in the Republican primary, the Romney campaign issued a press release about a TPC study of Perry’s economic plan:

Objective, Third-Party Analysis Showed Governor Perry’s Plan Would Raise Taxes On Millions Of American Families – But He Doesn’t Seem Interested In The Discussion.

The Tax Policy Center performed an “objective, third-party analysis” when it assessed Romney’s primary opponent, but its analysis of Romney’s plan is biased and rotten with liberalism. That’s the Romney Hood way, I suppose. Not only will he rob the poor to give to the rich, he will say absolutely anything to get the chance to do so."

They're only good as long as they follow the Republican point of view.
Like the fuss over the Ohio Bar Association's review of candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court.
Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett is throwing a hissy fit because one of 'his' candidates was 'Not Recommended'.
So typical of the extreme right. If the facts don't support their point of view, then the 'facts' must be biased, so we should just throw them out and go with what we believe instead. Or rather, what we are told to believe.

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