Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The more we advance, the more time is wasted

Think about. We have wonderful computers that can take us around the world in the blink of an eye, getting news from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe at the click of a mouse. We can place an order online, in the dead of night, and then track it's delivery to us, with email updates of delivery status and delays.
But with all this great electronic communication, come the price of keeping up with it. And the price of trying to cut through the electronic communications web on those occasions when you really really really need to talk to an actual person.
On the keeping up part: consider how much time is wasted in dealing with updates, software changes, or even switching gadgets. As all your favorites, all your files, all your programs need to be backed up, transferred, updated. And let's not even think about how much time is consumed when something goes wrong. If you've been unfortunate enough to have let a virus slip through the defense line, and have to have your computer wiped clean, reformatted, re-magicked [because that is what is seems like sometimes, doesn't it?].
On the communication part: is there anything more frustrating than trying to get an answer, by phone or email, from someone who doesn't really have the information you need, at the ready, but they can't get you through to that person, because it's another department, it might even be in another state or country, so person A has to send a request to person B, who will then respond to person A, who will contact you. But if person A doesn't really understand what it is you're asking for, and thus doesn't get the right request to person B, then they can't really get the info back to you, can they. So you have to start working through the chain again. Or consider the times when we start a conversation with person A, who then says that they can't help us, we need to be transferred to person C. Who then says, after you've explained everything all over again, "Oh no, this is a problem for person B. I'll transfer you to them." Eventually you might reach the right person.  Eventually. If you don't reach one of those mysterious dead-ends first. Where the last transfer sends you to a line that keeps irritatingly telling you that you are on hold, and will be taken care of soon, only to end up in dead air. And the only phone number you have is for person A, so you have to start all over again.

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