Thursday, August 09, 2012

Who's more to blame here..

'Black Madam' murder charge

The person who administers the injection? Or the person who let her do it?
"Windslowe was free for more than a year between Aderotimi's death and her February 2012 arrest at what police called a "pumping party" at a Philadelphia home. That arrest was for assault and related charges in a separate incident that authorities said left a client with severe lung problems from silicone that entered her bloodstream. "

How twisted is this? Millions of women trying so desperately to lose weight, to trim their ass, because they know that men are looking at them and reducing them to "Look at the big ass on that one!". While other women are going to pumping parties, letting someone inject silicone, botox, whatever, into their bodies in an attempt to get that perfect butt, more-kissable lips, that pouty smile.
When will we learn to say "Fuck You" to men and their impossible desires, to tell them: "This is what we look like, this is what women really look like, all shapes, all sizes. We're going to stop trying to please you so much, because it makes us crazy. And it costs us a fortune in makeup, creams, gels, hair remover, fancy clothes, all the rest of the crap we use to try and become that perfect women you men seem to dream of."
And don't give me that crap about men really looking for a good personality. The songs, the movies, the poems are all about beauty. Nothing about being good, truthful, hardworking, honest, intelligent, of loving nature. It's all about beauty. Liu is spurned for the unobtainable Turandot. Because Turandot is beautiful.

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