Friday, August 24, 2012

Yesterday was a very low day, but...

 I'm feeling much better today.  It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for a person.

 I still think my  job environment sucks though. A combination of
A> listening to one of the salesmen go on yesterday about how 'anyone can find a job' if they really want to, why they can even go out trapping to support themselves [of course, trapping is only legal in certain months of the year, and I don't think it would pay enough to support any sort of a family, or come with any of those lovely fringe benefits like health insurance, but as long as you don't mind eating coyote, you probably wouldn't starve.]  And even though he probably wouldn't last very long as a salesman, if he wasn't working in the family business, what with wanting to take time off for trapping, for going hunting, to run personal errands, whatever.
B> and then today the boss [the only salesman on the floor at the time because his son was on yet another personal errand] deciding not to go talk to a customer who wanted to know about swapping out an engine on his boat because he had 'more important things to do'.
C> And then the parts manager telling me that, oh yeah, he did get an email from someone, on August 8th, about  a returned part that hadn't gone through proper channels for being returned and what could he find out what's up with it?: this part being the one I finally learned from a snooty customer that had been returned on June 28th, and would we please stop sending them 'junk' emails asking for payment [even though they never contacted us to ask how to go about returning a part, or to tell us what they were doing, just sent it back to the warehouse address. Our bad for not having a returns policy and informing the customer what that policy is, her bad for sending it out "even though she was worried that something like this [not getting credit] might happen".
D> And the service writer taking off half of Wednesday because she had a dentist appointment she wasn't going to change, just because the schedule had changed and the parts man was off and she was supposed to be working that day; when most dentists do have appointments on Monday, or some evening hours to accommodate their working patients, so why didn't she make her appointment for her day off in the first place?

I do think the current economic climate sucks, and that it's very hard for a working person to make ends meet. But that doesn't really excuse poor work habits. Or at least, not if you were raised by a stubborn old 'dutchman'.

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