Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I hate to call anyone a bimbo, but this person......

How long would a bookkeeper last in your company: who had consistently, over a period of the last 6 years, made double payments on over half of all invoices received from a certain company? Including having written a check out one day for $3700 to that company, and then writing out a second check, for the same amount, [for the same invoice] to that same company, the following day? And mailing them both.
I have a bet with others in our office that this 'bookkeeper' must be the sexiest little number around, or someone's poor orphan cousin, for whom some one had made a deathbed promise to 'always take care of little H___ and make sure she has a job'. Because she sure as shit is not keeping the job based on her office skills.
How on earth does she balance the accounts? How does she post and track the accounts?
The only other possibility is that the entire company is crooked, and they're washing so much money through the books that they don't have time to notice these little overpayments. What else could it be?

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