Saturday, September 01, 2012

Life [or death] on the road

I was headed home last night on Route 6. I should have known better. The road runs through back country, pretty much a straight shot between Fremont and Sandusky. Truckers seem to regard it as their private dragstrip, a place where they can make up some time on a long run. Speed limit is 55, I usually end up driving 60, just trying to keep from being an obstruction to traffic. Thanks to the long straight stretches, it doesn't usually take too long for someone impatient with my 'slow' driving to find an opportunity to pass.
Last night, I had a truck suddenly come up on me, appearing to be less than a car length behind. We were on one of those rare curved sections of road, so he couldn't pass. Didn't slow down or back off though, just kept right behind me. Finally we round the curve, there's no one in oncoming lane, he pulls out and around and is soon leaving me far behind.
As he's passing me, I look in the rearview mirror, and see another truck close behind. He's also passing, or trying to. Looks like the big white SUV he's trying to pass is trying to keep him from passing. They're running neck and neck along the road, fast enough that they're rapidly closing the distance between us. I'm starting to get worried, because there is traffic now coming towards us, and it doesn't look as if the truck will have time to pass the SUV and me. Truck suddenly surges forward, and then pulls into the space between me and the SUV. Oh shit.   This truck is even closer than the one that just passed me, and he doesn't seem to be interesting in slowing down any to drop to a safe following distance. He seems more interested in trying to push me out of the way. I'm thinking he's probably pissed at all non-truck drivers right now, after having to play drag race with Mr. SUV.
There's no place on this road for me to quickly pull off to the side. I'd have to slow down to make a right turn on one of the side roads. I'm just about ready to pull out my phone and dial one last call to my son, to tell him I love him, and 'goodbye'. Thought better of that: didn't want his last memory of me to be my scream as the truck shoves me off the road or runs right over my little Honda Civic.
Just then, there's an opening ahead, and Big Mad Trucker pulls out and around, then goes tearing off. Phew. Safe at last. Except that now White SUV has replaced the BMT.
What the fuck is wrong with these people? Why are they in such a frakking hurry? And why do they feel the need to drive so close?

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