Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney: Half Of Americans Are Hopeless Losers That I Don’t Need To Worry About

Mitt Romney: Half Of Americans Are Hopeless Losers That I Don’t Need To Worry About

My mom is one of those 47% who don't pay income taxes. She's 84 years old. Living on social security and a little bit of interest from $60,000 in Lutheran Brotherhood annuity plans. a big chunk of that annuity account balance came from a life insurance policy on Dad.
Of course, when Dad died,  her household income took a severe hit. They had been getting two SS checks: now just one. No more $300 monthly pension from Dad's former employer.  And no more company paid supplementary insurance coverage. Now she pays for medical and Rx coverage out of pocket.
Her bills didn't decrease in similar fashion. She sold the car, so no fuel bills, no auto insurance. But the utility bills aren't based on how many people are being kept warm, how many people watch TV. And property taxes aren't based on the income of the home owners.
So, yes, Mom is used to some government assistance. Her SS check. Medicare. HEAP [home energy assistance program]. Ohio's Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program.
I wonder if HEAP and SFMNP would survive in the R&R regime? Or are they part of what needs to be sacrificed to pay for tax cuts for those poor suffering job creators, the ones who have it so bad under our current tax structure.

Is it true, as Mitt Romney says, that 47% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax? Yes! That’s mostly because they’re either poor, elderly, or take advantage of tax credits for low-income workers. Details here. But why do these people pay no income tax? Ezra Klein breaks it down into Twitter-sized chunks:
Rs have spent years cutting income taxes and increasing things like the Child Tax Credit. This means fewer people pay income taxes.
So whenever you hear a stat like “47% don’t pay income taxes,” remember: Reagan and Bush helped build that.
These tax cuts for the poor were partly in order to make further tax cuts for the rich political palatable.
But now that fewer people pay income taxes as a result of GOP policies, they’re being called lazy and dependent.
And thus the GOP’s tax cuts are being used to make a case that the rich are overtaxed and that the less-rich are becoming dependent.
Which thus leads to a policy agenda of tax cuts for the rich and cuts to social services for the non-rich.

Read more from Ezra Klein here
The great plan of the "Moral" right: drive the 98% into utter and absolute ruin and despair. Leave them just barely alive, to be playthings and tools of the 2%

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