Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mitt Romney vs fact-checkers: the welfare law dispute -

Mitt Romney vs fact-checkers: the welfare law dispute -

The verdict:

Together, these three mechanisms are creating a parallel Republican universe of Orwellian dimension – where anything can be asserted, where pollsters and political advisers are free to create whatever concoction of lies will help elect their candidate, and where “fact-checkers” are as irrelevant and intrusive as is the truth.
Democracy cannot thrive in such a place. To the contrary, history teaches that this is where demagogues take root.
The Romney campaign has decided it won’t be dictated by fact-checkers. But a society without trusted arbiters of what is true and what is false is vulnerable to every lie imaginable.

It feels so often as if we're speaking two entirely different languages that just happen to sound alike. The meanings are completely different.

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