Monday, September 03, 2012

The Legitimate Children of Rape : The New Yorker

The Legitimate Children of Rape : The New Yorker

Read it and weep for all the women and children of rape; and rail against the men who dare to say there shall be no exceptions, no choice of abortion for a woman who has been raped; against the men who say that "the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life" when asked if there should be such choices available.

One sees the problem abroad, where the Helms Amendment is taken to mean that no agency receiving U.S. funding can mention abortion even to women who have been systematically raped as part of a genocidal campaign. The journalist Helena Smith wrote the story of a woman named Mirveta, who gave birth to a child conceived in rape in Kosovo. Mirveta was twenty years old, and illiterate; her husband had abandoned her because of the pregnancy. “He was a healthy little boy and Mirveta had produced him,” Smith writes. “But birth, the fifth in her short lifetime, had not brought joy, only dread. As he was pulled from her loins, as the nurses at Kosovo’s British-administered university hospital handed her the baby, as the young Albanian mother took the child, she prepared to do the deed. She cradled him to her chest, she looked into her boy’s eyes, she stroked his face, and she snapped his neck. They say it was a fairly clean business. Mirveta had used her bare hands. It is said that, in tears, she handed her baby back to the nurses, holding his snapped, limp neck. In Pristina, in her psychiatric detention cell, she has been weeping ever since.” The aid worker taking care of Mirveta said, “Who knows? She may have looked into the baby’s face and seen the eyes of the Serb who raped her. She is a victim, too. Psychologically raped a second time.”

Go back and reread that paragraph. Did you catch the bit about this being her 5th birth? At just 20 years old? So she was a child bride, raped in war, abandoned by her husband because of the rape. Was it just her child she was killing, or was it all the men in her life who had brought her to this place?

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