Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Strange Story Of The Man Behind 'Strange Fruit' : NPR

The Strange Story Of The Man Behind 'Strange Fruit' : NPR

I listened to this story today on NPR Morning Edition. Wonderful snapshot of a remarkable man.
The man behind "Strange Fruit" is New York City's Abel Meeropol, and he really has two stories. They both begin at Dewitt Clinton High School, a public high school in the Bronx that has an astonishing number of famous people in its alumni.
And what a glimpse into two dark sides of our history. The lynching of blacks and the McCarthy era.

New York lawmakers didn't like "Strange Fruit." In 1940, Meeropol was called to testify before a committee investigating communism in public schools. They wanted to know whether the American Communist Party had paid him to write the song. They had not — but, like many New York teachers in his day, Meeropol was a Communist.

Journalist David Margolick, who wrote Strange Fruit: The Biography of a Song, says, "There are a million reasons to disparage communism now. But American Communism, one point it had in its favor was that it was concerned about civil rights very early."

Please read the entire story. And thanks to NPR for taking the time to tell it.

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