Tuesday, October 23, 2012

on hold

I'm on hold, after spending 4 minutes of punching buttons to get this far.
4 freaking minutes just to get to a place where I'm put on hold waiting for someone to assist me.
And just had to give the person who came on the line our account number, after entering it at the first of the call, and then giving again just before being put on hold.
Now I'm being switched to another department, because this person can't answer my question.
Can't tell me why we were issued a bill and then a credit on the account.
And we're now up to 11 minutes 55 seconds and still counting.
Meanwhile, my boss has just bundled up his computer to take it in to the shop, as he has been gifted with something called the FBI green dot scam. Grabbed hold of his computer when he tried to close out a popup.
Now at 13 minutes, 25 seconds.
And a voice, telling me to wait.
Back on hold.
Please wait.
Back on hold.
14 minutes, 25 seconds.
And then a disconnect. Lovely.
Try again. 1-800-228-****
And enter the account number again!
And a list of things that I don't really need to know.
And apparently no way to get through to a live person.
No finally back to on hold waiting for a live body.
3 minutes 52 seconds.
And now back to Jennifer, who sent me to the place that hung up on me before.
6 minutes, 53 seconds.
8 minutes, 10 seconds.
Maria says  that 'our request to cancel service level agreement has been received'.
What flipping request?
back on hold while Maria does something.
12 minutes, 35 seconds.
Oops. We didn't request, they stopped offering service.
Maria unable to tell us what that means to us service/wise.
And unable to get message to someone who might be able to answer this question.
What a royally fucked up mess!

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