Monday, October 22, 2012

The golden years..

As in, paying out the gold to find out why the body is turning to shit.

I've just been doctoring today: flu shot, getting a blood test to see if I had chicken pox as a child [it was over 50 years ago how the heck am I supposed to remember that] so I know if the shingles shot would be a good thing to have, and then an x-ray of knee to see what is hurting in there.
If you go to have knee x-ray and haven't dressed for it: you have to strip off tight jeans and put on a gown: and then when they come to get you they tell you to put your shoes back on with the gown because you can't walk barefoot. And if you always wear socks and lace up shoes with proper arch support, you end up looking like a real nutcase with bare shins and then socks and lace up shoes. Just warning you, in case you ever have to have a knee x-ray.
Got the call already from doctor's office: x-ray shows degenerative changes, AKA osteoarthritis, so it's off to therapy later this week to teach me how to deal with it and perhaps keep it from  getting worse.
Knees are just one more argument against the 'intelligent design' theory. Because if they were so freaking well designed, they wouldn't go out on us just as we're reaching our 'golden years' and supposed to be enjoying life to the fullest

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