Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cool ! I'm now part of a horde!

According to Larry Klayman, that is.

Had Mitt Romney been elected president, many among the flock would have been lulled asleep and deluded into thinking that a Moses had appeared to deliver us out of the Egyptian-like bondage we find ourselves in – thanks to our “Mullah in Chief” and his growing voter hoards of socialists, communists, anti-Semites, anti-Christians, atheists, radical gays and lesbians, feminists, illegal immigrants, Muslims, anti-Anglo whites and others who last Tuesday cemented his destructive hold on the White House and our country.

[I'm assuming that the poor man meant to call us a horde, not hoard , unless he is implying that President Obama is hoarding us, like sacks of treasure, in which case I feel even specialer!]

 Horde is always a noun (with rare, mostly archaic exceptions). It means a large crowd or mob. Hoard can be either a noun meaning an accumulated store or cache, or a verb meaning to accumulate a hoard. If you have a hoard of something, a horde of people might try to take it from you.

Horde would make more sense grammatically: we are a large and unruly crowd, us atheists, feminists, and the like. And Obama isn't really storing or caching us someplace, just appealing to our sense of logic and fair play.

But I digress. Let's get back to Mr. Klayman's post:

 The bottom line is this: Americans of faith and those who believe in capitalism and hard work as the means to achieve, not “Atlas Shrugged”-portrayed government handouts, have now seen their country taken over largely by uneducated and lazy morons, goons and thugs who want to dismantle all our Founding Fathers conceived of and fought for. 

Well, I will agree that there are some blooming idiots in public service, this past election did get rid of [or refuse to seat] some of the worst idiots. And here I'm thinking of those extreme right-wing Republicans who have no idea how conception works, and the very worst of the hypocritical tea-party favorites.

So Mr Klayman has decided to take the law into his own hands:
This is why we need to use peaceful and powerful means to fight against the evils of our corrupt government. One of these avenues is the Citizens Grand Jury, which I, as a Citizens Prosecutor, have empaneled in Ocala, Fla. On Oct, 29, 2012, the Citizens Grand Jury, after having evidence presented to it, voted unanimously on a true bill to indict President Obama and Vice President Biden on charges of treason for their having intentionally leaked classified national security information to boost their political fortunes in the Nov. 6 elections. This month, I will be returning to Ocala to seek the indictment of Obama for his having defrauded the American people with regard to his eligibility to be president. And, after that the Citizens Grand Jury will set its sights on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Elena Kagan for Roberts having violated his oath of office in rendering a willfully illegal ruling in the case upholding the constitutionality of Obamacare and not disqualifying Kagan, given her conflict of interest. Kagan will be indicted for violating her oath of office and refusing to recuse herself from the case as required by the Judicial Canons of Ethics.

I'm not sure how someone becomes a Citizens Prosecutor. Is there a test? Apparently not an IQ test, as Mr Klayman is still pursuing birther claims against the president. Snopes takes on the question here. Keep this handy for when right-wing acquaintances start sending you links to Klayman's ravings.

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