Friday, November 02, 2012

Crazy old lady

Got home last night and the roofing company had a sign in my front yard, and a message on the land-line phone. Going to try and start work on the roof today. Repair includes replacing window screening dinged and torn by the 1 & 1/2" hail.
So I took down the damaged screens because they have to be released from the inside. And then went around with broom and whisk broom to clean the grime left under the screens. And then went back over them with a scrub brush and whisk broom because the sills were still grungy. And then went back again with pail of soapy water, scrub brush and rags, because dry scrubbing didn't do enough. Then washed off the screens themselves. Then, because I happened to be there, with the bucket of water and scrub brush and rags, and the trash bin was right there, wiped down the top of it. Then told myself "enough, already, it's getting cold and dark, stop mucking about and go eat supper!".
I don't clean all the time, but when I get started, I find it hard to stop.
[Does anyone else wash down their trash bin?]

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