Thursday, November 29, 2012

‘Epistemic Closure?’ Those Are Fighting Words for Conservatives -

‘Epistemic Closure?’ Those Are Fighting Words for Conservatives -

It is hard to believe that a phrase as dry as “epistemic closure” could get anyone excited, but the term has sparked a heated argument among conservatives in recent weeks about their movement’s intellectual health.
The phrase is being used as shorthand by some prominent conservatives for a kind of closed-mindedness in the movement, a development they see as debasing modern conservatism’s proud intellectual history.

Fancy word for a frightening phenomenon, among not just the extreme right-wing conservative movement, but in quite a few groups of ideologues, both left and right of center.  Think of religious groups that judge absolutely everything in terms of the abortion question. Ignoring data that shows time and again that making it more difficult to get an abortion doesn't make abortions stop. It just drives women to more and more desperate measures and ends up killing women and babies. Or results in such horrors as in Romania under the rule of Nicolae Ceaușescu. His 1996 decree making abortion illegal and divorce more difficult led to child abandonment on a grand scale, and the deaths or maiming of a considerable number of women  during clandestine abortions.

If you're curious as to the origin of the term Epistemic closure, look here.

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