Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Just got back from the voting booth.

And pasted to the right side of the door as one was leaving the building was a copy of Billy Graham's admonition for people to "vote for biblical values".  This seemed to me to be prohibited posting as the polling location is supposed to be free from any campaign literature, and Mr. Graham has made it pretty clear which candidate he believes to espouse those 'biblical' values.
Ah, those wonderful biblical values: especially the mormon church biblical values. And the way they are so conveniently re-written whenever needed. Oops, the lord changed his mind, we don't really need to have a dozen wives to get into heaven. Oops, the lord changed his mind again, and we can let the black people into our church.
Not that I'm against religion learning to be more flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances. It's the "This Was the Word Of God and Ye Shall Obey It" and then "This is The New Word of God and Ye Shall Obey It"; instead of giving the faithful room to make decisions and choices for themselves.
Anyways, when I called this poster to the attention of a poll worker, she asked where it was, I pointed it out, she looked at it, then said she would have to check with the precinct supervisor. If in doubt, take it down would have been my choice. Wonder what happened?
I probably should just be grateful that I was allowed to vote a regular ballot. My handwriting is dismal in the best of circumstances. Under pressure [which in my case is if someone is watching me write, I don't know why that is, but it is] my signature becomes an S and a lot of squiggles behind it.  The person checking signatures asked "Is that all your signature is?". Yup.

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