Thursday, November 29, 2012

Proof of the GOP War on Women

Proof of the GOP War on Women

Conservatives like to pretend there is no war on women, so PoliticusUSA developed a running list of legislation to prove that there is indeed a war on women. The proof is in the policy, and policy trumps words.

But maybe they did learn something:
The Heartbeat Bill is no longer on the agenda.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The leader of the Ohio Senate put a stop Tuesday to a bill that would have imposed the most stringent restriction on abortions in the nation.
The chamber doesn't plan to vote on the so-called "heartbeat bill" before the end of the legislative session next month, Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus said, citing concerns the resulting law might have been found to be unconstitutional.
"I want to continue our focus on jobs and the economy," Niehaus told reporters. "That's what people are concerned about."

The backers of the bill aren't quite ready to give up, though..
Does the Heartbeat Bill still have a heartbeat?
Backers of the legislation, which would ban abortions within weeks of conception, think so, and they’re hoping to persuade 17 Republican senators to back a plan that would force a floor vote.
“The Republican Senate majority has the power to force a floor vote — regardless of Niehaus’ obstruction,” Lori Viars, vice president of Warren County Right to Life, said in a released statement. “They’ve had two years to pass this bill. Are Senate Republicans who ran as pro-lifers really going to let this bill die?”

Let's hope the rest of those senate republicans really have gotten the message: jobs and the economy need to take top priority.

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