Saturday, November 10, 2012

so, how biased do you think they are?

ObamaCare Watch

Their mission: [and that is what they call it]

The mission of (OCW) is to help promote sensible health care policy that is patient-centered and market-driven. It is a website focused on monitoring implementation of President Obama’s newly passed health care law – including in-depth research and analysis with key news stories and commentary.

My boss came in with a printout from this site. All in a tizzy because the government was going to fine us if we didn't offer insurance, and insurance costs are going to go up, and the sky is falling! I'm reading it, and wondering; when they start out by not using the real name of the act, but begin and continue to only call it by the name used by the Republican Party to demonize the program; how can we then believe that what they report in these pages will be only the facts, with no bias or slant?
And I am assuming that they do have a right-wing agenda, based on the director & deputy directors short bios. Stints with the Bush administration, and the RNC.
Nothing in the paper he gave me about the revenue items in the bill [boss had no idea how this was going to be paid for] or about the proposed insurance exchanges for small businesses [which is something I've long thought we needed, so that a company with 10 employees isn't faced with 25% annual increases because one of the 10 was very sick]. All doom and gloom and bury your head in the sand because the end is near.

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