Saturday, November 24, 2012

This makes their priorities fairly clear

I'd read this on another blog post, but will link to Juanita's Jean's post here; just because I love the way she slices and dices through the right-wing crazy stuff.
The Guardian has a more detailed post here.
The basics:
Republican lawmakers in Michigan, a state which eliminated tax credits for children last year, have proposed a tax credit for unborn foetuses of 12 weeks gestation.
So, if you're pregnant: you get a tax credit. If you're all done being pregnant and are now trying to raise that little baby?
 Last year, the state legislature and governor eliminated a child tax credit deduction which went to 2.35 million children in the state, worth $57m, according to the Michigan League for Public Policy. In addition, changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which dropped from 20% to 6% for families in 2011, drove 9,000 children in the state into poverty, the MLPP told the Guardian.

Makes it fairly clear that the right-wing obsession with babies begins and ends with the womb. Once the baby is born,  momma and child are on their own.

One of the primary sponsors of this bill is State Rep Jud Gilbert. A licensed mortician. So it looks like he worries about babies in the womb, and putting people in the tomb, and let the chips fall as they may in between.

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