Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When “Men’s Rights” Narratives Kill | The Raw Story

When “Men’s Rights” Narratives Kill | The Raw Story

The so-called “men’s rights” movement is very intent on convincing the public that domestic violence is overblown by feminists, and that many to most victims are lying to the police and the courts, who take them at their word because the justice system is supposedly in the thrall of the all-powerful feminist regime. This narrative tends to have a lot of power, because it feeds off long-standing stereotypes of women as deceitful, manipulative gold diggers.

Men's rights movement? ** Sounds like some men aren't willing to give up their position at top of the world.  It's so much easier to blame the underdog than to acknowledge own's own culpability. Yes, there are women who are out to get whatever they can, with the least effort on their behalf. Because we're all human, and all subject to human foibles and faults. That doesn't mean that the overwhelming disparity between male and female choices, opportunities and freedom doesn't exist. Men still hold the power. Women still have to fight for equality.

The Raw Story article quotes part of a Dear Prudence letter, found here.  I was very disappointed by Prudence's response. The letter writer was completely distraught: her actions were part of a chain of events that ended with an abusive boyfriend killing his girlfriend, one of their children, and then himself.
Prudence consoled her: but never said, as I would have: This was not your fault. It is completely and solely the fault and crime of the boyfriend.

** if the movement is as poorly structured as their website is, the movement is in trouble.
A more coherent description of the MRM can be found on wikipedia.

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