Thursday, December 20, 2012

Daily Kos has an email campaign on...

President Obama: don't cut social security:

This is what  I wrote:

Mr. President, please stop proposing cuts to Social Security.
Social Security does not contribute even $1 to the deficit, and is 100% solvent for over 20 years according to even the most pessimistic projections. It should not be a part of the fiscal showdown negotiations.
Please live up to your campaign promise of not balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class.
I've been working since I was about 8 or 9 years old. First with a paper route, then baby sitting & summer jobs. Marriage didn't work out, leaving me as a single mom and home owner. I know we're supposed to save for our retirement: but if you have to choose between new shoes for your child or clothes for yourself: paying for insurance or going without: well, spare cash for savings is awfully hard to come by. Seems like every time I get a little bit ahead, start building up the savings account, something comes along and just sucks out the cash. This year it was a hailstorm [insurance deductible] and cataract surgery [$3000 HSA health insurance deductible]. Add in routine house and car repairs, and money stays tight. Oh, and no raise in 6 years, while prices keep going up.
So I'm one of those people who are counting on Social Security. I'm still going to have to work, but maybe I can cut back to part time instead of full time and overtime. Please don't cut the rug out from under my tired old feet.

go add your own note to the Prez. tell him to stand his ground against the right-wing cabal.

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