Monday, December 03, 2012

Firearms magazine ‘truly sorry’ for saying ‘pocket sized machine gun’ not for civilians | The Raw Story

Firearms magazine ‘truly sorry’ for saying ‘pocket sized machine gun’ not for civilians | The Raw Story

The editor of a firearms magazine is backing down after saying that civilians should not be allowed to purchase the MP7A1 — a concealable submachine gun that was specifically designed to penetrate body armor — because the weapon had no “sporting applications.”
“[T]he MP71A [sic] is unavailable to civilians and for good measure,” Editor Jerry Tsai wrote in the latest issue of Recoil magazine. “We all know that’s technology no civvies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of.”

Sounds like common sense to me. Not a sporting tool, this is something designed to kill people.

But many gun enthusiasts took Tsai’s remarks as an attack on the Second Amendment and mounted a social media campaign to pressure advertisers to stop doing businesses with the magazine.
“Over the weekend, a justifiable firestorm exploded over the comments of an editor of RECOIL magazine regarding firearms access and ownership in America,” weapons manufacturer Bravo Company Manufacturing wrote on Facebook. “The BCM and Bravo Company USA teams share the outrage of the firearms community and will not support any organization that so directly opposes the core principles our company and country was built on.”
Other manufacturers like Silencerco, Magpul, Haley Strategic Partners, Imminent Tactical Solutions, Panteao Productions and Surefire also pledged not to advertise in Recoil.

Once again, the NRA and it's loyal followers prove that they have no moral sense.
They react with outrage to the suggestion that a weapon that is designed to penetrate body armor is not a weapon that should be sold to the general public. That this weapon is designed only to kill people, not for sporting uses, and thus should be kept out of the hands of untrained civilians.
Imagine the horror if the Aurora movie theater shooter had one of these weapons. No one would have come out alive. Instead of dozens of deaths, we could have hundreds. But THE HALLOWED SECOND AMENDMENT AS INTERPRETED BY THE NRA MUST BE PUT ABOVE ALL OTHER CONCERNS.  Because every 'True American' has a right to own as many weapons of great destruction as he/she wants to. And if that makes you afraid, then you should just go out and buy your own stockpile, to protect yourself!

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