Thursday, December 06, 2012

I am so angry, so much of the time

And I wish that I could get rid of these feelings, wish I could channel my energy into more useful paths. But I am just so angry. And at what might seem to be the stupidest things. I am angry that my phone service was sold by Verizon to Frontier and that ever since then customer service has been abysmal. The ebill program is down, or refuses to respond, there is no easy way to communicate with them, when you do reach someone after minutes on hold [because they won't let you email a question, and the live chat always seems to be temporarily unavailable] the person you're talking to can't really answer your question. Questions like: why did I get an email telling me that my auto-payment was unable to be processed because of an error in my routing or account number? Routing and account numbers that have not changed in over 20 years. The customer service person says: well, Frontier changed everyone's account numbers [internally]. Why should that affect my payment? I never tied my auto payment to a certain Frontier account number. I just gave them my bank info. If they made changes, they should fix things, not try and tell me that I need to fix it.
And then there's the pile of junk in front of my neighbors house. Today is trash day. I look out my front window and see the neighbors pile of trash. Mountain of trash. A trash bin, one of those big enough to hold a few bodies, full to the brim with an extra bag on top of it. And 7 bags on the ground beside it. And they had the same size pile of trash last week. For a house with 6 people and 2 dogs. WTF are they doing to make so much trash? And why does it make me so angry to see someone else generating so much trash?

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